About us

To know the brand is to know the team that makes it all happen. At Liquid Island, we are a family of beverage aficionados passionate about all things liquid! Whether we’re playing mad scientists in our very own mixology labs or taste testing delightful tipples, we are in constant pursuit of new and delicious drinks.

It was on one fateful day, in the midst of an online team meeting, whilst we griped over drinks we all missed dearly but had no access to that a simple wish was expressed – A wish to have all the drinks WE adored under one roof, delivered to us in just a matter of clicks. A still silence came over us – Could it have been a dip in the internet connection? No. It was the calm before one unanimous light bulb moment breathed new life into all of us.

It was simple – We wanted to hand pick our favorite drinks from our favorite brands over a wide cross section of categories and share it with YOU. From the common to the acquired taste, our hope for you, dear Customer, is that you find what you’re looking for or better still find something you never knew you wanted. Happy exploring!

Our Value Promise

A portfolio of hand-picked products that range from being essential, delicious, luxurious and sometimes even hard to find. Leave it to us to scout out those hidden liquid gems for you.

We work with our brand partners to offer exciting promotions, limited edition drinks and inventive flash sales that are exclusive to only LIQUIDISLAND.com

Members enjoy early access to site sales and promotions together with invites to events and online tastings of new products prior to launch.

In a time when every rupee counts we promise to never knowingly deviate from market prices. You’re actually more likely to make a saving on our site.

Whether you’re new to the basics of food and drink pairings or in a rush to entertain a few friends, we’ve got you covered. Our team comprises of trained baristas, wine and spirits connoisseurs together with mixologists who have influenced some of the most innovative Cocktail & Mocktail menus around town! All you have to do is ask.

We partner with brands that are just as enthusiastic about drinks innovation as we are so we offer nothing short of truly exceptional beverage experiences

As a company, being kind to the environment is in our blood, likewise, so are our brand partners. Be it through the way they choose to produce and package their products or the contribution they make towards making Sri Lanka a better place.