Olu Leopard Edition Blog Post


Olu Tropical Water unveils “Leopard Edition” on International Leopard Day

Olu Tropical Water, Sri Lanka's premier brand of natural mineral water, sourced from the central highlands’ partners with The Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust to aid in the restoration of essential wildlife pathways in a project aptly named “Corridors for Conservation – Central Highlands”

Olu Tropical Water comes to life in Sri Lanka’s extremely rare Cloud Forests, nestled in the lush mountainous tropics of the island’s central highlands. Across the world, Cloud Forests account for just 1% of global woodland, making Sri Lanka one of the very few countries that is home to these precious forests.

Explaining the history of the partnership that goes back to 2018, Shalindri Malawana, General Manager, Liquid Island (Pvt) Ltd goes on to say “It was on our journey and travels in the territory that we met Anjali and Andrew. Two amazing individuals that are deeply passionate about the conservation of leopards. And in our conversations, we realized that the forest cover that bridges the mountain tops, was ever so important. The wellbeing of the forest and the surrounding wildlife was part of what made OLU Tropical Water pure and true. And so, our connection to leopards began.

Dr Andrew Kittle and Anjali Watson are a husband-and-wife Zoologist/Ecologist duo who have been conducting wildlife research for conservation over the past 2 decades. Their Sri Lankan leopard research has been key in elevating the knowledge base of leopard land use and distribution island wide, and ecology behavior and diet in the varied habitats in which this island leopard resides. This work is now translating into on ground conservation by selection of additional refuges for protection and improved co-existence initiatives.

“Sri Lanka is the only place on earth where the leopard has evolved as the top terrestrial predator.

For it to continue to exist across the island as it does now, we need to secure our protected areas, restore, and conserve our mixed landscapes and the land connections between them.” Says Anjali Watson


A direct contribution will be made towards the “Corridors for Conservation”  initiative through every bottle sold.